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Dividing Your Day

I'm too busy!! I don't have enough time!! are the two most widely used excuses of people who have the recipe for greater personal success within their reach, and outside of their grasp...

Let's face it, 24 hours are all that we've got, divide it how you will. There is an interesting little ditty that describes this insight:

For rich or poor, it's the same 24

Man's Head w/Cogs, \While the hours in a day aren't under our control, we do have control over our perception and our attitudes. Many of us use date planners or daybooks and have come to depend on them. Leon Tec, in his excellent book Targets, describes a target inventory, target piggybacking and how essential a written schedule and goal or target list really is.
     One of the masters of time management, Alec Mackenzie speaks to the essence of the Institute's systems thinking message in Part Three of The Time Trap : “On their own, few people make the effort to analyze the causes of their difficulties with time management or to understand the underlying principles involved...” To paraphrase his solution, long-term success requires a coordinated approach, one in which you recognize your patterns of behavior and sketch out and methodically implement a plan for improvement.
     One of the themes in the systems thinking seminars has been scalable responses: adapting your situation to meet your needs. This chart can provide a 10:1 view on how you divide your day. It's been said that the more successful a person, the closer they schedule their time, so that "five minutes" here and there adds up to hours of productivity.


Dividing Your Day
Portion Minutes Hourly
240 6 1/10 .1
144 10 6/10 .6
100 14.4 6/25 .24
96 15 1/4 .25
24 60 1 1.0

Targets, © 1980 Leon Tec, published by Harper & Row
[ISBN 0-06-014241-3]

The Time Trap, © 1990 Alec Mackenzie, published by Amacom
[ISBN 0-8144-5969-2]

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