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Serving a New Menu:

3 hrs monthly coachingNeighborhood Internet

Welcome to Neighborhood Internet Service, a unique technology coaching service setting a new standard in customer care. We are building a one-to-one cadre of real people teaching technology to select audiences across North America. We're serving a new menu on the internet scene because we measure our success by other factors than customer count, ad revenue and monthly churn. is the internet technology arm of Rock Eel Café: the world's first virtual coffeehouse devoted to systems thinking. Qualified customers receive up to three hours per month technology coaching, included in their monthly access charge! We invite you to inquire for more details.

Who Qualifies?

It's not that tough really. Those individuals, business owners, managers and association members who understand the best things in business are worth every penny and have figured out long ago that robbing Peter to pay Paul hurts not only your pocketbook, but your friendships as well.

There are tiers of membership within, they're tied to the membership levels or staffing levels of your organization, company club or agency. While individual accounts are available, you may find other ISPs are more price sensitive than we are and may offer you a different set of selection criteria. Honestly, we don't take everyone. We welcome any apples to apples comparison of our value equation. Send our webmaster a note and you'll receive a thoughtful reply. View the Membership Levels.

Three Reasons We're y.o.u.r.Neighborhood ISP:

There are three key reasons we believe a switch to makes sense for the person or firm dialing up through a national or regional ISP:

Peace of Mind
Of the top 20 national and all New England Regional ISPs, only provides anti-virus e-mail filtering at the server level as the new standard in customer care. To the best of our knowledge, we are the only internet service provider endorsed by Sophos USA. According to the ICSA, having server-based protection offers 70% more security than just desktop scanning alone. Drop us a line if you're interested in the technical details of why this is so significant. If you know of another ISP offering this please let our webmaster know. If you wish, you can sign-up now.

Access Convenience
We currently offer local access to more than 300 points across North America, primarily the Eastern Time Zone and parts of California. In November 2000, we launched a toll-free network that business travelers can use to log in from anywhere in North America. Say goodbye to outlandish hotel access fees and the inconvenience of not being able to retrieve your virus-free e-mail during travel. The toll-free access is on a pre-subscribed basis for heavy use and billed monthly for casual calls. Inquire for more details, or to get put on our mailing list. Or if you prefer, just sign-up online!

Skill-scaled Helptm
The Rock Eel Café client base ranges from individuals and SMEs [small to medium enterprises] all the way up to major international banks. One of the most important attitudes our customers, partners and friends acquire is a layered understanding of the uses of technology, in other words, we don't try to teach everything at once. During your registration, you have a chance to set your initial help level. Try it out!

The ethic driver in all that we do here at Rock Eel Café is "use resources and treasure people." Exploitation is bad for people, good for tools, it's what they're built for.

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