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Company Retires Web Site at Height of Popularity


MANCHESTER, NH - 11 May 2001- In a move keeping with the counterintuitive nature of systems thinking, The Systems Thinking Institute LLC retired the domain in mid-April, after having consistently performed in the top 10 positions in multiple categories. As one of the first web sites devoted to the discipline of systems thinking, a “high tech-high touch” layered approach to business planning, the Institute went on-line in June 1996, and quickly secured an international client base.

As the web matured, consistently saw traffic from over 60 countries, was briefly in the top 25 Web Sites for on-line visit duration and finished its “career” on top of the search engine rankings: placing 1st on Lycos, 2nd on AOL, Yahoo and directHit, 3rd on AllTheWeb and MSN and 4th on AltaVista. All these search engine placements were achieved without a single dollar of banner advertising or concentrated positioning campaigns.

Business Manager Matt Weilert explains his startling decision: “As we have consistently stated for 68 months, nearly six years, when your content is compelling, you don't have to pay somebody to ‘drive traffic’ to your site. We're not ignoring the pent-up global demand for systems thinking products and services, a category we virtually introduced to the world wide web. What we're doing is closing out a highly definitive test that has served its purpose. From day one, was an informational site, not a sales driven site.

“Since establishing our Certified Systems Thinker curriculum last fall, in October 2000, it became apparent there was a growing disconnect between the ‘pure content’ folks and the ‘tollgate’ folks so it was the simplest, cleanest solution to create a sales-driven site that will serve our needs more directly as we move forward to the next level of market awareness. The new site,, also more clearly reflects our growing responsibility as the global clearinghouse for information on systems thinking certification.

“We get a lot of questions about the name The best thing I can tell you is to read the on-line story of how we derived our new corporate identity. While we were originally started as an institutional services company, as time went on, we just were not having fun. Visit to learn about how we developed the name Rock Eel Café as well as how the name change and our revised target market reinforce each other to really add a new layer to our expanding client relationship role.

“Feel free to send me your personal feedback. One of our defining values in calling the new Rock Eel Café 'an ergonomic design firm providing food for thought...served fresh daily' is that every opinion matters, but only those that get expressed in the right way at the right time & place move a business toward greater success. ”

Matt Weilert
Rock Eel Café
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