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The Rock Eel Café Enclave Project

The business premise of "Kaffihús Skerjasteinbítur" [IS], or "Rock Eel Café [EN], is to provide an enclave, a 24-hour, unattended, well-lighted, safe place to associate, conduct business, bond with peers or work undistracted. The Enclave Project is one of a series of business models for documenting systems thinking research principles in a real-world setting, as well as diversifying the allied business basis of the Systems Thinking Institute LLC. This "Coffeehouse of the Rock Eel" is a cybercafé with access, controlled by our outsourced networking partners.

and using the cafe's resources is either measured use and unlimited use. Our unique difference is that the facility is completely unstaffed. By design, people could enter and operate alone. The entrance will keycard and biometric validation (card and retina, hand scan etc. simultaneously).

A Rock Eel Café Enclave provides a place for round-the-clock discussions, meetings and quiet reflection. There will be "quiet side" and a "sound side" (note, not a noisy side, rather emphasizing the sound is there on purpose, it's not a library!). Operating basis is trust & cooperation: by access agreement, we will make clear that by accessing the cafe, members/patrons have agreed to some basic responsible standards of behavior, such as the Boy Scout Oath & Law, the Rotary Four-Way test, etc. and if they're not comfortable with that then the Enclave is perhaps not for them; they should take their patronage elsewhere. It's "their cafe", with a responsibility to keep it clean for the next person. An "urban campground" concept where the respectful campers' attitude "leave it better than you found it" applies. Volunteers swap cleaning credits for internet time, etc. Explain upon sign-up that lack of volunteer time, (suggest 1-3 hours/month) means that we'll have to hire it done resulting in an increase in access fees. Access is a privilege maintained by good behavior, not a socialist "right of the people."

  • Above & read (in sound-food naturally)
  • Read in quiet,
  • Compute, Surf, compose, etc.
  • Hold mtgs, discussions, etc.
  • Just drop in to pick-up snack on the go.

  • Sound side will have food side and no food side.

    Quiet side will have full light side and subdued light side. Food & drink on the sound side. A common sense key is to balance "home away from home" and "if your Mother doesn't work here, clean up your own stuff."

    The hardware must be at least 2nd generation old, no new stuff, and it must be seamlessly multiplatform compatible. The software backbone will be Unix/Linux with Apache, and appropriate market-tested scalable hardware. Internet access will be not more than 2-hops from backbone. We offer the old and the lame duck computing resources more than the latest and greatest (Review any of Steve Manes magazine or on-line columns to get an idea why). At least 6 seats per shop, with at least 2 PCs, 2 Macs, empty laptop seats. Login with the member card and the credits will be priced according to the members activity level.

    Ultimately, in their most successful incarnation, these will grow in scope and size to resemble the Bushidokan[1] Martial Arts Temple. What we propose is nothing less than a complete learning environment with a dojo as an integral part of a systems thinking certification: teaching Dan Zan Ryu jujitsu as a kinesthetic learning element blended with classic business skills & strategy. The living quarters are essentially restricted to green belt and above while on teaching tour. All members will have access to the dojo and have signed the AAU[2] coverage waiver.

    Access to the Rock Eel Cafe is controlled through the member's prepurchased "access credits." Because all transactions happen via the cards, there is no cash on site, one less worry. Once in, they can purchase goods, services or enjoy the space. This isn't a restaurant or "public facility," this is a privately-run, community meeting place structured for member benefit.

    Tapping Industry Trends:
    Permission Marketing, Relationship Marketing, Experience Economy 

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