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Friendship is a Sturdy Bridge

Pasco-Kennewick Bridge

A solid bridge has many planks, each one representing an encounter with another person. Positive uplifting encounters are solid wood. Negative downers are rotten, wormy, splitting wood. Failed relationships are the remaining shards of broken planks or wood missing altogether.

The Good

Plenty of positive encounters means people can travel to their destination focused on their main objective, without giving anything more than a cursory glance to the surface of the bridge. Naturally, these people are going to get more done and have more fun doing it.

The Bad

Lots of negative encounters means that people must carefully scan each board they cross and constantly shift the focus of their attention, in order to cross the bridge to reach their destination. Even after they make it across, their energy level takes a while to recharge to the point of effective performance. As a result, these people are the moaners in life, and when they do achieve something of substance, either they downgrade their own achievement, or milk these rare events past a welcome threshold.

The Ugly

Major failings in relationships produce potentially life-threatening gaps in these peoples' walk through life. Without the mentorship of others or a life-enriching chain of events, these folks run the risk of falling through the gaps of society into their own river of despair, to be washed up on the beaches of remorse, sadness and futility. Whether they physically live or die seems almost academic, because when one is emotionally drowning it's like functioning as a robot, rather than as a real person.

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