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Our mandate is to provide literature of enduring value for creating clarity in the work world, wherever y.o.u.r.World might be.

Magazine provides a monthly exchange of comment and opinion reflecting the tapestry of our days. The journal title comes from the Italian word for midafternoon, as the reminder that those who provide solutions in the heat of the day are the real heros and heroines, not the armchair quarterback or ivory tower manager. Mezzo online is part of our commitment to profile business owners who are "doing well by doing good" in the marketplace. If you are a "renaissance worker" at any level, this is the digital destination you've been looking for. 

Ligatures for Life
a peak performance journal, is for those in charge of increasing performance, whether that means people, capital or product throughput. In publishing Ligatures quarterly, and moderating its electronic counterpart, our mandate is the warfare logistics rule: "Logistics = Communications cubed," meaning if you want your productivity to double you must increase your effective communications eightfold. Obviously, to push eight times more information through the same pipe, the most basic, common, everyday aspect of our life must be addressed in a scalable, discrete fashion. Anyone can buy another server or router, yet only you can discipline, hone and grow the one brain God gave you. The disciplines of systems thinking provide these scalable solutions. Ligatures for Life will deliver these solutions to people who need them most. 

Café Global
celebrates the variety of threads that make up the fabric of our society. The print edition, scheduled to be published every two months (the web-version is live now!), highlights the interplay of different cultures in bringing everyday products to market. Café Global connects readers and leaders, both on and off the internet, who need to make long-term decisions in the face of day-to-day pressures.

Skerja Press is also the publisher of seminar workbooks on change management and process improvement used internationally. 

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