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Welcome to Systems Thinking & y.o.u.r.World 
presented on Manchester Community Access Television, MCTV,
Manchester, New Hampshire

Our purpose in producing this show is to give back to our local Northern New England communities some of the insights and observations we've been privileged to learn from and share with people from sixty countries and counting. Review the third quarter show topics.

Our mission is to reach out to the business owner, the entrepreneur and the aspiring student of business, with the message of systems thinking. This market-driven approach has nearly forty years of experience, so it's no passing fancy. Systems thinking offers a method for organizing today's global business environment into manageable parts. Through a scalable process of first understanding the parts; systems thinking provides the tools and techniques to apply layer upon layer of clarity to comprehend the linkages among the parts.

Past practice among industry veterans and consultants alike, was to pay attention to parts and let individual processes drive the business. You might even say some "hired guns’" marketing strategy was to solve today's problem in a manner that ensured you would need them tomorrow. Today we understand no single activity can be completed without considering its impact on schedules, budgets and more importantly, the people involved.

Here on this show, we'll be sharing the strengths of the systems thinking mindset and methods through humor that's coupled with a presentation style some have described as "drinking from a firehhose." I recommend you tape these shows and review them because our three topics

contain information that's too important to miss—delivered at a blistering pace.

Our inaugural show airs Thursday, 8 June 2000 at 5:30 pm on MCTV. We may consider streaming video if there is sufficient interest. If you'd like to see the episodes of Systems Thinking & y.o.u.r.World on-line, tell us. If you like what you learn, tell your friends, if not, send us some constructive critique (flames to /foo/null).

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Third Quarter Show Topics

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