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“Treasure People and Exploit Tools”

Just like DNA builds up from the simplicity of only four base pairs to “systems of systems” comprising staggering complexity, the Systemkey™ analysis model seamlessly handles massive amounts of data (including discontinuous sets) because it combines rigorous syntax (rules of combining) with an unlimited grammar, giving a recursive (nested, repeating) structure that can data mine as deeply as needed for the situation at hand. This process has been praised by industry leaders from defense engineering to healthcare because Systemkey™ allows back-of-the-envelope calculations and complex, documented, innovation risk mitigation studies to use the same consistently scalable framework.

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I'm technical, I want charts, graphs & heavy detail on process. I'm non-technical, I want to know how this will help me or my company. I'm in business, I want to know how this will make more money for me or my company.

Doug Older, CEO, Techlogic, Inc. (Eden Prairie, MN), remarks “your modeling should be of benefit to all medical companies, including contract manufacturers,” while Jim Accuntius (multiple patent holder in biotech) finds Systemkey™ to be “intuitive” with an “excellent methodology and documentation trail.” Review our capabilities.

Systems Thinking, both our parent company and the movement in general, is all about people and the way they congregate, communicate and collaborate. As more companies deploy active measurements to capture, slice, dice and repurpose the intellectual capital within their payrolls, our role here at Rock Eel Café, within the systems thinking movement, is leading the mindshare to the “real economy,” the small business under 250 staff, by keeping the focus on the person and their intrinsic value, not on the value of their relationships or their LTV (lifetime customer value) to this or that firm.

About the Developer

As an award-winning, published technical writer and presenter of uniquely integrated curricula, decorated veteran Matt Weilert has provided national-level behavior-based safety and quality innovations, delivering 500% accident rate reduction for a US DoE Research Lab. Slashed cycle time 14x in FMECA/FMEA generation for a UK-based global defense contractor; in 2006 he was ranked the consistently best presenter to their North American Armaments division. Saved a logistics warehouse over $300,000/month by eliminating conveyor shutdowns.

Who We Are

The Systems Thinking Institute LLC is a web-enabled, values-driven innovation forum advancing the practice of layering human intuition onto the architecture of science and technology. Our mission is to enhance how people understand, learn and collaborate from a systems thinking perspective. For an overview, visit and pick the brief corresponding to your desired level of detail.

Take a look at some of the case studies, to get a feel for how our Collaboration Coaches™ serve up fresh food for thought…

Implementing the Rock Eel Vision… 
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