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    Systhink’s courses and seminars cover a wide range of interests and topics relevant to everyday life. With our exclusive ThinDime™ pricing option, qualifying individuals can register for a half- or full-day seminar, with follow-ups, for less than the price of a midrange blouse or pair of shoes. Our short programs integrate such topics as excellence, relationships, effectiveness, money and performance.

    Lifelong Enrichment: The Challenge of Change is the foundation for all other programs we offer. It provides participants transformational leadership skills, an exponential improvement in their ability to relate to life with new freedom and power.

Seminar Benefits
    Right off the bat, really diving into the seminar, what we call “accepting the Challenge of Change,” serves as a communications shorthand: you'll be able to use more of the knowledge you already have invested in yourself or your staff:

    [blue block] previous training: it's paid for, you've already worked to learn, practice and implement it; it's already a part of your toolbag.
    [blue block]learning to bridge different areas of knowledge, called “domains” or “knowledge bases” in educational circles
    [blue block] begin uncovering your “4th Quadrant:” seeing yourself as others see you

    Further down the road, after reading, applying the results of your introspection or self-discovery, following along the plan you and your personal Collaboration Coach™ jointly designed in your seminar, you'll make better use of information that's been available to you that you haven't fully exploited. An example we call “the R factor” will help make this clearer:

    Let's say that none of the people in your village, Anyburg, have ever driven a car in reverse. You import your cars and the city fathers long ago didn't read the instructions very well. Every garage, carport and parking lot is designed to drive through because the concept of backing up is unknown in Anyburg. You reach the age for drivers' ed. and you ask your instructor:

    “What's the 'R' stand for?”
    “Beat's me, I never use it.”
    “Well, um, with all due respect, have you ever asked anyone?”
    “Anyburg residents have heard there are other cars out there in other towns, yet in our modern age none of us are foolish enough to risk it, after all, those who ventured out never came back—isn't that proof enough?! Why can't you leave well enough alone?...”

    And there the matter rests for the majority of people on this planet.

Accept the ChaLLEnge of Change… 
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