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Systems Thinking Institute LLC

142 Red Fox Lane
Bastrop, Texas USA

A Systems Thinking Consultants' Creed

1. All issues are solvable. That does not mean you or the client will like the answer available at a particular point in time.

2. Certified systems thinkers act responsibly in all facets of life. Their performance, character and behavior reflect on the Institute, which they represent.

Cardinal Rules:
    a) Never do anything the first time that would affect
    • your client
    • your business
    • your employer or
    • your family

    without checking the facts, the deal or the intended results with those whom it would affect, or if necessary, those with superior knowledge. This requirement does not make you subordinate. Rather, it basically says you freely renounce making hasty decisions. Loose cannons are not an asset to the Institute, its members, affilitates, partners, sponsors, or our respective communities at large.

    b) Never play games with anyone's money.
    c) Never play games with anyone's spouse.

If you have difficulty with either b or c, you should seriously reconsider your application, as you may not be cut from the same cloth as the profile of a successful STBOK consultant.

3. Duty to God, country, family are the bedrock of effective service to your employer and your clients. If this gives you heartburn, change. You are choosing to live in a glass house. If this is not your choice, bail now.

4. Following the above three principles and working both smart and hard should produce a successful engagement with virtually any client, under any circumstances. When in doubt, ask.

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