The systems thinking movement was in danger of becoming just another fad for fee-obsessed consultants to raid corporate coffers—until now. 

Matthew E. Weilert grew up in Bastrop, Texas, following a fairly traditional engineering career path: distinguished student at Texas A&M, decorated Navy veteran and specialist in industrial safety at the US Department of Energy's Hanford Works. In 1993 Mr. Weilert was personally recognized by Energy Field Office Richland for exceptional coaching skills.

Based on his experience both in the US and internationally, he recognized the needs of emerging growth firms to tap into the the market-proven benefits of systems thinking. In 1996, after researching business climates across the country, he founded Systems Thinking Institute LLC in Manchester, NH as the global clearinghouse for firms who need to bring the mindset and the methods of scalable performance improvement to their enterprise.

The Institute follows a unique partnership approach with firms of all sizes, from the garage start-up to the Global 1000. After the dot-bomb meltdown, the firm relocated to historic Bastrop, Texas (home of security engineering services world leader Kroll, Schiff & Associates). Mr. Weilert leads a unique federation of high tech firms and high touch professionals...people sharing values not just data..

Government, industrial and major multi-national firms over 250 staff per division needing significant infrastructure support can receive the Big Four style implementations they require. At the opposite end of the spectrum, the cheeky Rock Eel Café division serves up a full menu of systems thinking tools and resources to companies under 250 staff in size to take the worry out of managing people, capital and products. 

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