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Our Proven Process:
Compressing the Learning CurveSM

People : Your Recipe for Peak Performance

Abstract: In US Department of Energy-sponsored testing, Aug-Oct 1995, Richland, WA, arbitrarily-selected populations of tradesmen demonstrated an exceptionally quick improvement in assimilation of complex material through the Compressing the Learning CurveSM training techniques as conducted by Matthew Weilert, founder of Rock Eel Café. These results do not imply endorsement by the Department of Energy or any other government agency.

The Problem

Tradesmen: painters, carpenters and machinists, who were required to pass a radiological work practices course to complete their assigned work in “hot cells” were failing miserably: 35's, 40's, 50's.

The Solution

The proprietary pacing and delivery techniques of Compressing the Learning CurveSM brought up average student scores by 20 points and more! In one exceptional case, a student went from a 35% ranking to 100%—a perfect score!

Systems Thinking Works. It can work for you, if you work it through.

For more information, or to put the power of Compressing the Learning CurveSM to work in your organization, contact us, or e-mail mailto envelope iconMatt Weilert to get your whole management team scheduled for a Fabric of Facts Focus Session.