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Quotes on the work at home population (or “telecommuters” if you’re a fan of John Naisbitt and George Gilder) vary wildly: I’ve read estimates at the low end of 11 million and at the high end of “in excess of 42 million” but it’s safe to say that the population not defined by the traditional framework of
  • 8-5 (or at least regular day-shift)
  • specific location
  • widget-producing tasks
is growing for a host of reasons. In this article, we’ll discuss some ways to make your location, specifically your time zone, work for you.
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Time Zones
Ever since Christiaan Huygens invented the pendulum clock, it seems we’ve been defined by time. The King’s Singers famous number “TimePiece” puts Adam and Eve in the garden with a wristwatch! Our planet is divided into 24 Time Zones measured east and west of the “Prime Meridian” in Greenwich, England. While the phrase “Greenwich Mean Time” has given way to “Universal Correlated Time” for military applications, the rest of us still can arrange worldwide travel or business plans more easily with an understanding of what the hours “GMT+” or “GMT-” tell us about afternoon sun shining on our neighbors east while the cock’s yet to crow on our neighbors west. We’ll limit ourselves to seven time zones, perhaps a more comprehensive discussion in a future column if reader interest warrants (send your comments to mattw@systhink-inst.com)
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Polar view of Earth's
Time Zones
Standardizing on the US Eastern seaboard as noon, we find
Atlantic Time 1 pm
Eastern 12 Noon
Central 11 am
Mountain 10 am
Pacific 9 am
Alaska 8 am
Hawaii 7 am

except of course from April to October (spring forward, fall back), when Arizona, Indiana and Hawaii don’t participate in Daylight savings, making their times one hour earlier than this chart shows.
rt blue arrow

In terms of phone rates, West is best:

If you were an industrious Hawaiian, you could shift a portion of your workday to the middle of the night, calling on businesses just starting their workday (assuming 8 am EST), for six whole hours at the cheapest rates available! While the “standard” network discounts from 11 pm to 8 am are becoming less standard, with refreshing competition in rate plans and services; many firms still abide by decades old thinking that starts their business in the morning and ends it in the evening.

Update your thinking, update your income

The amount of “bonus time” this new perspective generates obviously decreases with each time zone closer to yours, zeroing out when you’re calling locally. Yet the converse applies as well: after 5 pm, follow the sun and call East to West. Notice how we’ve extended local to make your neighborhood mean your entire time zone instead of just a few square blocks of physical real estate near you. Update your thinking, update your income.
[spacer]Another possibility now with the increasing acceptance of remote service offices, e.g. having Dallas GTE Mobilnet® customers serviced out of Tampa, is an adaptation for the small business open during the non-work times:
For instance, imagine the draw of a local pastry shop open from midnight to eight in the morning with special features for athletes, commuters and travelers. There are always naysayers that are scared by the idea that “lunatics are the only ones out when the sun don’t shine” and you’ll find as many barriers, in any industry, as you have time to listen. One of the keys to updating your income is the positive mental attitude promoted by Napoleon Hill and Clement Stone through their “PMA Science of Success” course and best-selling books such as Think and Grow Rich; and Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude.
[spacer] [spacer]Twenty-four hour stores certainly fall under the timespan above since they’re always open, but if your area isn’t serviced by a Denny’s® restaurant or a Kinko’s® copy shop and you have the workforce to do it, ’round the clock availability opens up new markets. Leverage is the point here. Leveraging your time by working smarter not harder. To take a fresh twist on the old saw, busboys aren’t billionaires because hard work, alone, isn’t the answer.
[spacer] [spacer] There you have it. Life, Liberty and the American Dream, all by burning the candle brighter instead of just longer.

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