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“Treasure People and Exploit Tools”

Take a new look at your business with a focus session from Systems Thinking Institute LLC. The past was ruled by dinosaurs, and those reigning giants gave way to little furry creatures called mammals. In building your one-to-one future, both on and off the internet, do you want to partner with the giants on the way out? Or would you rather build your business with the animal of the future?

Our animal's whole reason for being (we actually call them Collaboration Coaches™, seems to go over better somehow), is to learn your strengths and coach your team on how to deploy those strengths into new areas. Just as an oyster layers a mere speck of sand to develop a pearl of great price, our systems thinkers teach your team to apply layer upon layer of increasing clarity to your business (counterintuitive, isn't it?), so the end result is as smooth and well-fitted as though it would last forever.

“Systems Thinking is where all businesses are headed, many of them just don't know it yet,” says Tom McGrevey, internationally noted business educator and entrepreneur. We could hardly agree more. While we truly believe systems thinking is for every business, not everyone is ready to implement the tools, techniques and mental discipline that systems thinking involves. It's not a diet plan. You will work to achieve results. Our ideal client is a small, cohesive firm, roughly two dozen to 500 staff, well-educated or hungry to learn. They have solid operating margins that allow for generous training budgets because they recognize that the best tools produce the most cost effective product.

They achieved these margins by effectively executing the basics. To further solidify their commanding lead of their industry, the next level of performance is about fine-tuning. It's about understanding and managing the dynamics of wholes instead of optimizing the parts. We offer a way of addressing the complexity of today's global workplace through a layered understanding of the three major dimensions of business: people, capital, product. Sheer size will not bring lasting success. Just ask Enron. Contact us today to schedule your business fabric of facts review. If you're sincere about performance improvement, we'll make the time to get together.

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